If you’re considering a run for office, there are two questions you should think about. Rorapaugh-Teicher can help you answer them:

1. Why are you running?

Your answer can't simply be a list of poll-tested wants and needs.. You may want better schools, clean air, and restored trust but so does the candidate who just read the same numbers you did. Your answer should reach beyond the résumé. More broadly, you are answering the question:  “What led you here?” Be it personal crossroad or shared battle, tell voters where you’ve been… then where you’ll take them.

2. How do you plan to win?

The campaign plan is a breathing document. It must allow for sudden change but not invite it. From budget to staffing to media, the campaign must avoid rabbit holes that drain resources and time. It must hit hard, see surprise, and stay on point.  This allows you to be a candidate, not a tactician. It’s also the way to win.


Rorapaugh-Teicher will be highly involved in every stage of your campaign. Unlike many consulting firms, we believe in a hands-on approach, not the weekly conference-call model.

--Detailed campaign planning, budgeting, staffing, recruitment, speechwriting/coaching, debate prep, commercials, ad buys and all components of daily strategy are handled by us.

--More than 20 years experience in campaign management, journalism, speechwriting, media relations and video production will be at your disposal.

--First-time candidates are of particular appeal to us.


Robin Rorapaugh - Roy Teicher



As a first-time candidate, they helped
me organize a campaign that beat a
$3 million war chest against great odds. From strategy to debate prep to earned and paid media, I found Robin and Roy's advice invaluable.

Congressman Ted Deutch